Cloud's Tea Diary - An Introduction (8 July 2008)

按下圖片取得640x480解像度 Click to view 640x480        It has been nearly 2 years from the establishment of Cloud's Tea Collection - Private Tea Album. It evolves from the beginning stage, having some photographs and simple descriptions, to the later stage, having more sub-pages like Cloud's Tea Collection - Private Tea Video Album, Cloud's Tea Collection - Internet Articles, etc. The site has become informative. One can notice that more and more photos are added phase by phase. At this moment, there are nearly 800 photos posted in this site. Cloud believes that there will be a thousand and even 2 thousand photographs being posted here.

       Cloud analysed the statistics and found that tea lovers would love to check out if there was any update on the Cloud's Tea Collection - Internet Articles. Besides, readers always loved to visit and read the articles in relation to Puerh tea knowledge. They read it again and again.

       Apart from writing the first and the second book in addition to Puerh tea magazines (Chinese and English), Cloud has to maintain this website and keep it up-to-date. Certainly, Cloud does have good Puerh vintages as well.

       Unfortunately, there was no regular update on the Cloud's Tea Collection - Internet Articles practically. There are only a few articles there and some of them are not even English translated. However, Cloud must stress that every article is a serious articles with text and pictures. Some of them are long articles which are up to the magazine's standard, which are over several thousand words. Cloud definitely wants to write as detail as possible in to the articles in order to cover all readers may want to know in the internet. Obviously, the drawback of doing this is that it will be hard to release a new article regularly. Internet readers have to wait and wait. In fact, in the meantime, Cloud has replied some internet posts in various discussion forums from time to time. These short replies may be good enough for tea lovers to gain some new ideas.

New Sub-page

       Suddenly, Cloud had an idea several days ago. It would be perfect to collect these short posts under a new sub-page which is designed for posting short messages. There may be only a few hundred words in such a short post with 1 to 2 view points on Puerh tea. However, that is good enough for beginners, especially embedded with 1 to 2 relevant photographs. This allows a regular update of the Cloud's Tea Collection - Private Tea Album, so that readers will not feel bored every time when they visit.

       In order to differentiate the Internet Articles from these short messages, Cloud specifically wrote a new sub-page for centralizing them, namely, Cloud's Tea Diary (Chinese: "浮雲茶記" ), so that tea lovers will be able to learn a little bit in each occasion. As the messages are not long, translation can be done very quickly. Therefore, Cloud's Tea Diary will be provided in both languages, Chinese and English.

       These are the reasons for setting up the Cloud's Tea Diary.

Cloud (Hong Kong)
8 July 2008
(Translated on even date)