Translation - Conscientious Prescription (5 August 2008)

Conscientious Prescription is the original text

       After posting the 2008-07-22 Appreciating 1970's Yellow Mark - Conscientious Prescription, there was a feedback relating to the translation of the Chinese word, Peifang (配方).

       Someone asked, "when you translate the word Peifang as Prescription, I think for most English readers Formula, or even Recipe, would be closer to the mark. We're speaking of the combination of different types of leaves, right?"

       I totally agreed on the comments. If you are interested in this issue, please refer to A Glossary of Chinese Puerh Tea (Glossary) P.161. I put down 3 entries,

as the possible translations. The concept of Peifang (配方) in Chinese means mixing two or more different batches of raw tea leaf materials together according to an appropriate proportion.

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       In fact, "prescription" is from the original text. You may notice that from the above picture (in white circles). In the Glossary, I did not include an entry for "prescription" as it is inappropriate to use this word when expressing the concept of formula or recipe. According to the Oxford Dictionary, "prescription" refers to a doctor's written instruction for the composition and use of a medicine. I know that the word "prescription" having the meaning relating to medicine.

       As you can see that the so-called "translation" - "Conscientious Prescription" - was used in the text, I think I have no right to alter this term which was adopted in the 1970's when this special Yellow Mark was manufactured.

       Conscientious Prescription is a remarkable Yellow Mark among the Yellow Mark series. Thus, you may treat this term as a technical term or a name of a specific tea manufactured in the 1970's.

5 August 2008 wrote in English
6 August 2008 translated into Chinese
Cloud (Hong Kong)

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