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       There have been several years since 2002 when the Cloud's first Internet article with detailed information and photographs was posted in a Taiwan website at " 茶顛話茶" (Chinese version ONLY). In the old days, those Cloud's Chinese Internet articles were posted there. However, after the site did not allow public posts by the end of 2004 (and, unfortunately, the site eventually closed in the middle of 2007), my Internet articles were posted among different tea discussion forums like Puerh Elite Forum (PEF) 華山論茶 (closed as well), T4U討論區, 三醉齋.茶馬古道 (these site are available in Chinese language ONLY) and some other forums. Cloud's Internet articles were mainly posted in the above mentioned 3 discussion forums. Sometimes, I also find it difficult for myself to locate my words. I do remember I did say something but forget where it was posted. As a result of this inconvenience, I decide to write a new webpage for collecting those old posts in the Internet.

Newly added Internet articles webpage

       Since the establishment of this website,, I can feel and notice that Puerh tea lovers would like to come here to view the information almost everyday. I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for your support.

       Although I am also one of the writer of the English Tea Magazine "The Art of Tea" and the Chinese Tea Magazine "Puerh Teapot", it is in fact quite different in nature between writing articles in the magazine and posting articles in the Internet. Because of the high transmission speed and quick development of the Internet, everything can be updated instantly. I can write some casual and updated simple articles or short tasting notice here (really, if I have extra time). Alternatively, I can also post some marketing news here in order to share some latest and updated new information with you. There will be a time gap if these are done in the Magazine. Therefore, Internet articles allow some amusing posts while this cannot be done in the Magazine.

       Apart from the above reasons, setting up this Internet articles webpage is to let beginners view all my comments, views and experiences conveniently because this webpage collects all my past Internet articles (to be collected one by one later) and some new Internet articles. If my articles are posted over those discussion forums, firstly, the Internet articles will be scattered around. Seconly, these articles will be compressed and moved to the back of the discussion forums due to the release of newly posted articles unless there is any update or follow up post. Cloud discovers that most beginners always ask more or less the same questions without referring to the articles archives. As a result of that, Cloud is of the view that it is worth doing this Internet articles site with a systematic management. I think this is convenient for the readers and new Puerh comers.

Possibility of Multimedia

      Owing to the latest technology, setting up a site with videos and photos is not difficult now. It is easy for people to transmit multimedia to the rest of the world. Actually, this site has already used a lot of ready-made multimedia functions such as photos and video sharing from Youtube like demonstration of how to break down tea cakes (Cloud's Tea Collection - Private Tea Video Album). However, all these articles and setting take me a lot of time and use up substantial human resourses. However, I believe this is worth doing so because I can share my Puerh experiences with you through this site without any limitation (unless the Internet traffic is over).

       In fact, I am also looking forword to a newly developed Video Sharing site here. Certainly, most supportive action is to read and learn the contents of these Internet actilces. If you want to have further discussion with me, you may give me an E-mail at or post it in one of my two tea blogs Cloud's Tea Collection - Blogger or Cloud's Puerh Tea Collection - Blogger.

New Index by Year of Production

       The webpage Cloud's Tea Collection - Internet Articles has been set up since 2007. There are 34 Internet articles accumulated. These articles are good for references. However, it was not too easy to locate a particular article when there were too many. Therefore, it would be a good idea to reconstruct the index to a more sensible one, sorting by year of production. This was the update action done on 2 November 2011.

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